Barrage de Kruth-Wildenstein | Rehabilitation of the asphalt facing

On the basis of an assessment study as well as preliminary designs developed in 2016, the implementation planning was developed as a specialised designer for asphalt and operations for a French engineering company. During summer 2020, the works were executed including milling of the existing facing as well as mounting 4 new layers of asphalt. Thus, a controlled asphalt facing was put in place including connections to the existing gallery as well as the joints necessary.

The works were accompanied by CMC as a technical consultants to the local site surveillance (facilitated by the French engineering company).

Key data

2019 – 2020

  • Preliminary and schematic design
  • Implementation design (in cooperation with a French engineering office)
  • Technical consultant to the local site surveillance

Département du Haut-Rhin | today: Collectivité Européenne d’Alsace

Service Rivières et Barrages

Colmar, Frankreich