Our performance is our competence


“CMC Wasserbauprojekte GmbH” (CMC water engineering projects Ltd.) – specialists for professional assessments on hydraulic engineering structures

We provide profound assessments for our public, industrial and private clients. Therefore, we conduct a first non-destructive and/or a destructive survey as well as the inquiry of material properties. Our team has got many years of experience and is known for its motivated and
target-orientated working methods. As an interdisciplinary orientated engineering office, we provide attractive all-inclusive solutions based on environmental, operational and economic issues.
Amongst others, our clients are dam and water retention basin operators as well as small, medium-sized and big power supply companies. As a surveyor, we also work for communities and water suppliers. We furthermore prepare expert opinions.

About our office

We supervise entire project and building cycles worldwide. Because of our interdisciplinary working methods and the manageable size of our creative team, we always find “seamless” solutions. You can contact us anytime during every project stage. That way, all planning and
realisation steps are continuous and we can prevent unnecessary delays.

Our strengths

German, English, French, Swedish, Spanish and Kiswahili – thanks to our multilingual team, we are able to work internationally. We consider economic aspects equally important to environmental requirements in our analyses and plans.
In collaboration with our clients, we find innovative solutions for all kinds of problems. After an open and transparent analysis phase, we sometimes decide on a proven way as well. In any case, our clients are equal partners since they are informed best about given circumstances or specialties of the project. For us, an open and unbiased discussion including different perspectives is the base for an effective and successful collaboration.


“CMC Wasserbauprojekte GmbH” (CMC water engineering projects Ltd.): One-stop professional structural monitoring

The engineers of “CMC Wasserbauprojekte GmbH” realise projects of all sizes worldwide. Interdisciplinary, highly motivated and innovative – that’s how we characterise our team. It provides a comprehensive construction supervision from the development of concepts to the construction management on site.

Our performance range

Whether it’s a dam or a pumped storage plant: After having developed the concept, our office also takes over the planning of the project. Here, too, our special focus is on lining elements like asphalt facings and asphalt cores. The planning phase includes preliminary planning, approval planning, implementation planning as well as the preparation of the tender and
finally the project implementation.
Not only do we provide reliable construction supervision as part of new projects, we also carry out planning of repair measures on existing structures.
Whether it’s a suitability test or an external monitoring – we are a competent contact when it comes to material monitoring. Durability analyses and quality assurance construction management complement our capacities in structural monitoring service.

Tailor-made and seamless solutions

Our interdisciplinary orientation allows us to accompany your construction project from start to finish. Continuity is the key for the progression of the project: In a small team like ours, internal coordination processes prevent unnecessary delays during the planning or
construction phase. Instead of only working on one isolated project area, we have insight into all segments of a construction project. We’ve also got the necessary know-how to include in our planning the task fields of all the partner companies that are involved in the construction.
CMC is based in Germany and is operative worldwide. Due to our international collaboration, our team of engineers regularly receives new creative input and valuable suggestions. For us, problems aren’t obstacles but rather the key to new approaches. With the help of an analytical view, we develop integrated systemic approaches: we propose innovative solutions. Although our team realises proven concepts, too.

Your objective is our mission

You as a client set the aim, which is why a constructive and fair collaboration is essential for us. Whether it’s a major project or a smaller solution – together we can find tailor-made and appropriate solutions in an open and transparent process. Here, we consider all relevant
safety aspects as well as economic and environmental aspects.


CMC Wasserbauprojekte GmbH – a reliable partner for clients and operators

Our small, highly motivated and innovative team of engineers supports and accompanies you throughout all construction stages – from taking samples of materials to the concept development as well as finalising the implementation phase. As an interdisciplinary office, we have an overall insight into the various fields of expertise of our partners.

Our services

For our clients – public authorities, power supply companies of different sizes – we carry out reliable feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments. Furthermore, we consider construction costs and develop effective monitoring systems. Quality management contributes to improve your performances continuously so you can increase your customers’ contentment. You can also contact us concerning an optimised construction time
management as well as expert opinions, which we also provide for road construction. We offer training courses for you and your employers: We do seminars and events with the topics “construction site management” and “asphalt hydraulic engineering” .

Personal support provided by a creative team

“Quality rather than quantity” – our relatively small office attaches great importance to a personal and individual support for the clients. Throughout the entire project, you can turn to our team at any time. You will get suitable and effective solutions with no delays. We can
ensure you a smooth and efficient transition from the first draft to the implementation at the end. Analytical, environmental and target-orientated – that’s how we achieve/realise all our water projects in Germany as well as in surrounding countries.
You can benefit from our customer-orientated and forward-thinking approach, especially when it comes to realising less extensive projects. Even when it comes to “small solutions”, our creative team considers economic requirements – including particular safety aspects – as equally as environmental factors.

Achieving goals together

Your request is our motivation. We discuss your goals together with you as an equal partner. We take your ideas and expectations as our base and create innovative solutions. Sometimes we even recommend a conservative way/approach. An open and transparent collaboration is essential to take economic aspects into account appropriately, so we can optimise the construction period.