Pumped-storage Plant Vianden | Upper Basin 2

In the course of an assessment of the asphalt lining in 2018, a need for rehabilitation was identified. Therefore, various concepts for rehabiliation were developed and evaluated. The tender was launched at the the end of the same year.

The construction took place in 2019: The existing lining was partly milled and a new intermediate asphalt layer (with drainage and strain transducing function) as well as a dense asphalt layer was mounted. In combination with separating elements, the new lining system can be controlled in individual segments.

The site was complemented by an holistic logistics management as well as a its project-based mixing plant.

Key data

Time period


Rendered services

  • Assessment of the asphalt lining
  • Development and evaluation of rehabilitation concepts
  • Design and support during bidding process (European level)
  • Site and quality surveillance


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